Build Your Better Future

Join an agile team and make a difference in our communities.

100% Employee Owned

We believe that our company is only as strong as the individuals and teams who comprise it.
Our goal is to create long-term relationships—we are not a firm where individuals come and stay for only a short time with little connectivity or commitment to the firm. The talent we seek and retain are those looking for a long-term home and a company where their contributions make a direct impact on the business and our clients.

Why did you choose MAAS?

"I chose MAAS for the work the company does in developing, modernizing, and innovating the physical structures at their clients' campuses. I had an initial interest in working in the educational space and MAAS perfectly aligns with this passion."
Joanna Xue, Business Services Associate

Nimble Teams

We care deeply about the success of our clients as well as our colleagues. Whether working externally with clients or internally with each other, we are willing to wear multiple hats, pitch in in multiple ways, and without hesitation go above and beyond to achieve success. We listen actively, communicate honestly and transparently, ideate innovatively, and solve problems proactively.

Value Driven

Education—at any level and in any form—makes a fundamental difference in peoples’ lives; it is the true catalyst of opportunity. As trusted partners and advisors to our clients, we help open the doors and opportunities that education can offer for future generations. We also encourage professional development and training opportunities for our employees, promoting the value that continuing education brings to individuals as well as to our firm.

Diverse & Inclusive

Inclusivity is one of MAAS’ core values. In all things, we encourage diversity of people, thoughts, and perspectives; the varied backgrounds within the MAAS team collectively make us stronger. We make it a priority to meet our clients with a team that reflects and understands diverse lived experiences and an approach that is customized and sensitive to the unique needs of each District and community.

Great Standard Benefits

Our standard benefits package includes:
Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Corporate Headquarters
18575 Jamboree Rd., Ste 600
Irvine, CA 92612
Texas Headquarters
3300 N Interstate 35, Ste 700
Austin, TX 78705
Regional Office
5900 Balcones Dr., Ste 5105
Austin, TX 78731
18575 Jamboree Rd., Ste 600
Irvine, CA 92612
18575 Jamboree Rd., Ste 600
Irvine, CA 92612
5900 Balcones Dr., Ste 5105
Austin, TX 78731
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