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The Construction Influencer with Nicole Sanchez: Lori OKeefe, President of MAAS Companies

March 22, 2022

Tune into the latest episode of "The Construction Influencer with Nicole Sanchez" with our President, Lori OKeefe. Lori discusses how empowering teams can drive growth.

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About the Episode:

Successful leaders empower.

But one of the biggest mistakes leaders make is not empowering their teams which really impacts team morale and the overall success of their company.

Be it a lack of awareness, or fear of being vulnerable, most leaders end up holding back in this area.

On this podcast, the President of MAAS Companies Lori OKeefe, and Jennifer Vasquez, V.P of Business Development and Corporate Communication share their insights on how empowering their teams have helped their companies come out on top year after year.  

When leaders empower their teams, there’s a positive energy that’s created and the company becomes stronger.

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About The Construction Influencer:

Are you in construction? Get ready to be inspired by Nicole as she goes one-on-one with the movers and shakers in the industry as they tackle leadership, sales, and most of all, inspiring and influencing others.

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