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College of the Desert
Palm Desert, California

Since 2006, MAAS Companies has provided program management services for all capital construction projects related to the $346M Measure B bond program. Projects include an Allied Health and Nursing Facility, a Public Safety Academy, the new Mecca/Thermal Campus, Central Campus Redevelopment, new Indio Education Center, Math Science Technology Center, and Visual Arts and Child Development buildings. Additionally, as part of the Measure B bond, many facilities will be upgraded and renovated to improve safety and infrastructure.

The $578M Measure CC bond program will build, expand, and modernize career training facilities needed to provide top-notch technical training needed in emerging, high-demand fields, such as nursing, public safety, science, technology, engineering, and other in-demand jobs. Funds will also be used to improve the Veteran's Center to provide counseling, training, and job placement for returning veterans. The bond stipulates the repair, construction, and acquisition of classrooms facilities, sites, and equipment throughout Coachella Valley.

MAAS utilizes its proprietary program management software, ForSitePro, to manage projects and preform expense tracking for the Bond. Additionally, MAAS has developed the official Bond Oversight Committee public website to provide real-time information on all projects. In addition to bond management services, MAAS assisted in the development of the Strategic Master Plan for the District and provided services such as facility master planning, preparation of proposals, and implementation of all state-mandated facility projects.

For more information about the COD program and projects, please visit: Measure B Program Website

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18575 Jamboree Rd., Ste 600
Irvine, CA 92612
5900 Balcones Dr., Ste 5105
Austin, TX 78731
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